Child Abuse Prevention

Our prevention and early intervention services begin with Safe
Touch Plus, for children at age 3 and children with special needs
of all ages. The three-tiered educational and safety program is
developmentally appropriate at each stage through high school.

For more information, contact Angela McManis, MSW, LMSW at 314.993.1000 or

Child Abuse Prevention Videos for
Parents/Guardians & Kids

Our evidence-based videos were created by experts to empower all parents/guardians with the information they need to speak with children about body safety, the warning signs of abuse, and resources for support.


*Funding for these videos was generously provided by the Tilles Foundation.

During children’s presentations by JF&CS staff, presenters use the terminology “the private parts of the body” and “the parts of the body that a swimsuit covers.” CAPP presenters do not teach children the anatomically correct language for private parts. However, these terms have been included in the below videos to encourage parents/guardians to teach kids this language at home.

If you know a child who needs support please contact the Missouri Child Abuse & Neglect Hotline at 1-800-392-3738.

Children’s Programs

  • Safe Touch Plus (age 3 and special needs children of all ages)
  • Safe Touch (ages 4 through 6)
  • Safe-T (ages 7 through 9)
  • Safe Teen (ages 10 through 12)
  • Safe Surf (Internet safety, ages 10 through 19)
  • Safe Relate (Sexual Harassment Prevention, ages 11 through 19)

The 20 to 45 minute presentations for Safe Touch Plus,
Safe Touch, Safe-T, and Safe Teen include:

  • Identifying private body parts
  • Distinguishing between appropriate and inappropriate touching
  • Learning and practicing response skills
  • Understanding tricks used by potential abusers
  • Identifying people who can offer help

Click to learn more about our Safe Touch Presentation: Safe Touch Objectives

Safe Surf

The Safe Surf Internet Safety Program works specifically to prevent
the online exploitation of children and is presented free of charge to
parents, educators, children and adolescents. It is geared to youth in
grades 4 through 12 with age-appropriate content to protect
pre-teens and teenagers from online victimization and cyber cruelty.

The Safe Surf presentation lasts approximately 45 minutes. Safe Surf
teaches children response skills and knowledge through non-threatening
and age-appropriate lessons that will help them avoid potentially
harmful situations. The program utilizes a power point presentation,
as well as a workbook, in which the students follow along. This
interactive presentation is both fun and educational.

Children learn:

  • How to prevent being victimized online
  • The dangers of cyberbullying
  • Appropriate and inappropriate use of cell phones
  • Safety on social networking sites such as Facebook
  • Avoiding identity theft
  • How to report Internet crimes/cyberbullying
  • How to be a good cyber-citizen

Click to learn more about our Safe Surf Presentation: Safe Surf Objectives