Testing and Assessment

Timely intervention is key when a parent first senses a child’s distress.
Parents who have concerns about their children’s emotional,
developmental, behavioral or academic development can rely on
JF&CS clinical staff for independent assessment of these challenges.

At the Learning and Behavioral Diagnostic Center, we use a wide range of
testing instruments to help parents and teachers understand children’s
problems with attention, concentration, impulsivity, and classroom
participation.  We also assess behavior and emotional issues such as
depression and anxiety, and we help to find solutions.

Through our learning and behavioral diagnostic testing process, we can
help parents and teachers create customized interventions that target
the specific needs of each child and family.

The Learning and Behavioral Diagnostic Center provides customized
testing for children from toddlers up through adolescents 19 years old.

Testing categories include:

-Psychodiagnostic Assessment that provides a number of tests used
together to evaluate multiple areas of functioning and personality 

-Developmental and Behavioral Assessment that evaluates behavioral
and emotional functioning, social problems and competencies

-Psychoeducational Assessment that evaluates school readiness and
learning problems. A comprehensive report with recommendations
is completed following the testing and that evaluates school
readiness and learning problems which is shared with parents